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Good Neighbours

The Chiseldon Good Neighbours Scheme offers a warm welcome to newcomers to the village, which we try to do by way of a personal visit from one of our stewards who delivers a 'Welcome Pack' with information about the village.  The stewards also try to keep a watchful eye out for their neighbours, especially the elderly and frail.

We always make an effort to replace stewards who have retired or moved away, and we are currently (April 2018) looking for volunteers to cover the following areas:
Foundry Rise - Manor View - Marlborough Rd - School Close - Station Road.
If you are interested in becoming a steward and for more details of the Chiseldon Good Neighbours Scheme, please contact Margaret Goddard on 01793 740795.

If you live in one of the roads mentioned above and you know that someone new has moved in, please let Margaret Goddard know so that we can visit and take them an information pack.
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